Web Application Penetration Testing - August 8-9 2017

This two day training course is designed to enable students to learn the core concepts web application penetration testing. The course is delivered from our traing centre in the IFSC Dubin, Ireland. Full lunch and parking is provided. If you would prefer the cource can be conducted in house but please contact out staff for dates and times. The course covers the following areas:

  • Installing and configuring Burp Proxy
  • Intercepting traffic with Burp Proxy
  • Testing for OWASP top 10 known web issues
  • Attack prevention measures
  • Advanced XSS
  • Advanced SQL Injection
  • Hands on testing of lab environment
At the end of the course students will be provided vouches for taking a 1 hour exam leading towards our Web Application Pen tester Ninja certification.
Enigma - Web Application penetration testing Enigma - Web Application Penetration Testing Course